Bring back harmony to Mother Earth, guided by the Moon, She will give back health to our lives.

BoriBel was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing back healthy products into our lives and restore nature's growing habitats. Having fought cancer in the family, malnutrition and constant illness, we challenged our selves to give back to Earth, who in return, will grant Her us her fruits.

Our goal is to regenerate beauty and life.  Build a community of health, laughter and harmony. Leave electronics behind, and come spend a day enjoying the wonders of nature. Taste its fruits, experience its natural products and reenergize.

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Who we are :)

We are a fusion of world culture


100% ORGANIC, Low in Carbon footprint & health builder.

All of our olives are hand picked and pressed within 5 days of harvest to maintain quality and purity.

Washed, pressed and bottled within 2 hours to conserve the best of flavor